Orange Is The New Black episode “(Don’t) Say Anything” exposes some cracks in Poussey’s young relationship with Soso, a growing feud between Piper and Ruiz, and Red going on the attack against resident celeb Judy King

Orange Is The New Black Recap: Season 4, Episode 3

Taystee (Danielle Brooks), Suzanne (Uzo Aduba) and Morello (Yael Stone) are busy mopping the floors that are increasingly difficult to keep clean with the heavy traffic in the halls. Conversation turns to sex, and Morello starts to get concerned that her husband Vince (John Magaro) isn’t satisfied with their phone sex life. They’re interrupted when Taystee gets called down to Caputo’s office, where she learns that she’s going to be his new secretary – which means she’s off janitorial. Morello, meanwhile, learns that Vince lives with his parents and little brother. When Vince comes to visit the prison, they clear the air about his living situation and then get off simulating sex across the table from each other in the middle of the prison’s family room.

Out in the yard, Lolly (Lori Petty) runs to Alex (Laura Prepon) to point out thatHealy (Michael Harney) and Judy King (Blair Brown) are in the garden – under which rests the man that they killed. Alex admits that she’s terrified, but that they both need to appear calm. She also points out that the man they disposed of was a bad man, who they essentially had to get rid of.

Red (Kate Mulgrew) is not happy with Judy King wandering around in her garden and picking her corn. Later on, she commiserates with Alex about the horror that is Judy King picking through her garden. Red eventually goes to Healy to complain about him giving Judy King free reign. Taking matters into her own hands, she puts eyedrops into Judy’s food, causing her to sprint to a bathroom in distress.

Piper (Taylor Schilling), meanwhile, is posted up on a bench, spitting sunflower seeds, with her muscle Hapakuka (Jolene Purdy) at her side. Yoga Jones (Constance Shulman) and DeMarco (Lin Tucci) approach her to tell her that they’re out of the panty business. They’re getting scared with Piper sending Stella to the SHU and getting a “heavy.” Ruiz (Jessica Pimentel), however, isn’t scared. She’s wants in for her new pals, the Dominican women who recently came to the prison. One-on-one with Ruiz, Piper shuts down the idea of hiring them, and gets in Ruiz’s face about spreading the word of the secret business. Piper seems to realize that Ruiz isn’t someone she should be messing with. Trying to hold on to Maritza (Diane Guerrero) and Flaca (Jackie Cruz), Piper gives them some Ovaltine as a payment placeholder.

At the basketball courts, Poussey (Samira Wiley) is showing off her weak basketball skills to Soso (Kimiko Glenn). Big Boo (Lea DeLaria) interrupts to kick them off the court. Walking off together, Soso worries about not having a label for herself, or for her relationship with Poussey. Their heart-to-heart, like their basketball practice, is interrupted. This time the interruption is due to Judy King, Poussey’s idol, who walks by and leaves Poussey a flustered, stuttering mess. Soso decides to take matters into her own hands and approaches Judy King, and explains that Poussey is a big fan. She goes on to give a spiel about Poussey’s mother being a crack addict, convincing Judy to met with Poussey at lunch. When Poussey, whose father was a Major in the Army and mother has a Master’s in Art History, realizes that Soso said that to Judy King, she’s devastated that that’s what she’d assumed about her. Soso apologizes and vows to get to know Poussey better.

Orange Is The New Black S4, E3 Odds & Ends

Piscatella welcomes the new COs to their prison property residences that Caputo is having inmatest fix up

Lolly is convinced a drone in the yard means the NSA, FBI or some other government agency is after her.

In Soso’s flashback, she’s in a Stop Corporate Greed group, and visits a registered sex offender on a bet to win $50 and a date.

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