It was announced last week that ABC will be canceling Tim Allen‘s latest sitcom Last Man Standing, and now, a petition circulating online is calling for a boycott of the network in hopes of the show’s renewal.

While ABC cited a dispute over the sitcom’s licensing fee, many fans of the show feel the cancelation was connected to the star’s political views, which also often seep into the show’s dialogue and stories.

The petition, started on by a user named Deputy Matt, states that “[Last Man Standing] is a show that appeals to a broad swath of Americans who find very few shows that extol the virtues with which they can identify; namely conservative values.”

The “Save Tim Allen’s Show” petition also urges its signatories to boycott the network at large. “I will no longer be watching any ABC shows,” Deputy Matt writes. “I have cancelled the DVR settings for the other ABC shows that I regularly watch. If you want to help try to save Last Man Standing, I encourage you to do the same.”

The petition finishes with a call familiar to conservative activists who have felt stifled by the perceived liberal bias in the media today. “Let them hear our voices,” the petition concludes.

Allen found himself in hot water in March after stating on Jimmy Kimmel Live that Hollywood is reminiscent of 1930s Nazi Germany, in so far as conservative voices are concerned.

“You gotta be real careful around here. You get beat up if you don’t believe what everybody else believes,” Allen told host Jimmy Kimmel. “This is like ’30s Germany.”

Last Man Standing, despite its Friday night time slot, was fairly successful over its six season run on ABC. Last season it was the network’s third highest rated scripted series, behind Grey’s Anatomy and Modern Family.

As of now, the petition has garnered 99,930 signatures. It was started five days ago.

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