Aly Raisman, the Team USA Olympic gymnast, has accepted a date offer from Oakland Raider’s tight end Colton Underwood.

Aly Raisman & Colton Underwood

Underwood proposed a date to Raisman in a video message while the athlete was being interviewed by Yahoo Sports about her dating life.

“Aly, what’s up? It’s Colt Underwood, tight end for the Oakland Raiders,” Underwood introduced himself. “Just want to congratulate you on all your success in the competitions in representing the U.S.A. over there. I know I’ve been following along. My roommate, my teammates and everybody here is super proud of you. If you’re ever in San Jose and want to go out on a double date with me and Andrew and Shawn, let me know.”

The Andrew and Shawn that Underwood was referring to are his Raiders teammate Andrew East and East’s wife, gymnast Shawn Johnson. Raisman, who is pals with Johnson, acknowledged that this wasn’t the first time that the couple had tried to set the two up — and that she was open to the date.

“They’ve actually told me about him before — he’s very cute,” Raisman said. “Yeah, I would go on a date with him.”

Raisman and Colton confirmed their date plans on Twitter.

“@Colt3FIVE thanks for the sweet video,” Raisman tweeted. “Looking forward to meeting you :).”

Underwood replied, “Anytime! Looking forward to meeting you too. Safe travels back, see you soon!”

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