Olivia Rodrigo, star of Disney+’s High School Musical: The Musical: The Series, who released her debut single “Drivers License” on January 8, is already topping charts. Fans of the series believe that inspiration for the song came from Rodrigo’s own love triangle with HSMTMTS co-star Joshua Bassett and Girl Meets World star Sabrina Carpenter.

Rodrigo and Bassett’s characters, Nini and Ricky, are the show’s main on-screen couple but their chemistry jumped off camera. There is no actual evidence that the couple dated with Rodrigo only being 17 years old while Bassett is 20, but the pair were extremely close, with allegations that Ricky’s recent “I love you” scene was improvised. Bassett was seen getting close with Carpenter over the summer when they attended Black Lives Matter protests. A relationship between them has not been confirmed either but the pair posted a Halloween Tik Tok where they were dressed in a couples costume as Sharkboy and Lavagirl.

@joshuatbassettdream a dream u little bleep #sharkboyandlavagirl @sabrinacarpenter♬ Follow me plz – Ma’kaila Janai

Fans of HSMTMTS believe that the cast of the show picked sides and support Rodrigo. Many cast members congratulated and promoted her single. Meanwhile, Bassett recently announced that he has a new song coming out, “Lie Lie Lie,” co-star Joe Serafini was the only member of the show to comment on Bassett’s announcement. It is also worth mentioning that the cover art of Bassett’s new single features him in a car with an unidentified woman.

Rodrigo has been reposting all celebrities and co-stars promoting her song on her Instagram Story but did not re-share Bassett’s when he posted the song on his story writing, “Drivers License is out now!!! Such a great song! Congrats @Olivia.rodrigo!!!,” adding more breadcrumbs to their story.

There are also reports that Bassett first taught Rodrigo how to drive in an In n Out parking lot.

While fans are not trying to uncover every ounce of meaning from the song, they are comparing her songwriting skills to Taylor Swift and Lorde and saying that she’s going to be the “next big thing.” “Driver License” is currently the top song on all music platforms, all over Tik Tok and is track for her song to already be one of the biggest songs of the year.

Season two of HSMTMTS is currently filming in Salt Lake City, Utah. Season one and a 2020 Christmas special of the show are now streaming on Disney+.

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