It's true that the new film, Magic Mike, starring Channing Tatum, 32, Matthew McConaughey, 42, Alex Pettyfer, 22, Matt Bomer, 34, and Joe Manganiello, 35, is supposed to be about men taking off their clothes, but in a movie about stripping down in the first place, it's no surprise that you see a bit of female nudity, in the shape of Olivia Munn, 32.

Munn's choice to go topless in one Magic Mike scene seemed so natural to the plot and the scene that she "forgot" about it until she went to see the premiere, Munn told Vulture, according to Us Weekly. "The way it was shot didn't feel gratuitous — I think that's what every actress says, right? There are very few directors I would ever do it for. Also, my character was getting out of the shower and to keep it as realistic as possible, I didn't wear a shirt in the shower," Munn said.

Just because Munn was committed to staying true to her character and the integrity of the scene, doesn't mean she was immune to reservations while being disrobed on set. "The day of the shoot, I locked it down," she explained. "I only wanted the people who absolutely had to be there." Quite a departure from her male costars who would "still be all asses shaking, walking around" even after director Steven Soderbergh called "cut."

Catch the cast — Munn included — show a whole lot of skin in Magic Mike, in theaters now.

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