Olivia Culpo, Nick Jonas’ ex girlfriend and former Miss Universe, bears all in her first nude photo shoot for Treats! Magazine.

Olivia Culpo Poses For First Nude Shoot

Culpo is stunning in her first nude magazine spread, a black-and-white shoot from photographer Tony Duran. Culpo, who has been working steadily as a model for years, had avoided nude shoots in the past because she didn’t “feel comfortable” and was worried about “how it would be perceived.” But, after meeting Duran on the set of a commercial shoot, she decided she felt comfortable enough with the photographer to try her hand at posing nude.

“When we sat down and spoke… it wasn’t about actual photos… it was about me. Where my head is at as a person…as a woman. What are my insecurities…what are my strengths,” Culpo told Treats!

Culpo added that she saw the shoot as a new form of expression for her as a model, as opposed to a racy editorial. “I had never done a nude shoot before, but it really wasn’t about that. This shoot was more about letting myself go emotionally,” she said.

Culpo also revealed that posing nude was an empowering experience, saying, “I really enjoyed putting myself out there – it is very liberating to show who you really are. There is a sense of empowerment that I got from the shoot that is hard to explain. We are in a world that thrives on artifice and perceived notions. This experience hid nothing.”

Culpo isn’t lying – not only was the model posing clothes-free, she was also makeup-free. “Tony was adamant about having no makeup on the shoot, so there was no hiding behind makeup or clothes to define me,” Culpo said.

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