University of Mississippi frat members Tucker Steil, James Basile, Christian Guy, Kyle Hughes and Austin Rice were reportedly arrested last Friday, following an assault on rival frat mate Jeremy Boyle.

Ole Miss Frat Brothers Charged With Assault, Smile In Mugshots

Steil, Basile, Guy, Hughes and Rice are members of the Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity at the University of Mississippi. The five frat boys are now facing charges for an alleged beating on campus, which saw a rival frat brother left with a concussion and bruised lungs.

Police took the men into custody after Boyle, a member of the Sigma Pi fraternity, was found badly injured outside his frat house in the early hours of Oct. 6.

According to the Ole Miss campus paper, Boyle went outside to investigate a noise in the backyard and found the five frat members, one of whom was wearing a black mask, while the others were dressed in “pledge attire.”

Boyle, was then attacked, leaving him with a concussion, broken teeth, broken ear drum, and a bruised lung, ribs and groin.

“They descended upon him and beat him unmercifully — beat him within an inch of his life,” Boyle’s grandfather told WMC-TV.

The frat brothers were reportedly booked into Lafayette County Jail. Steil, a general studies student, is now facing a charge of felony assault, Basile, a business major, is charged with simple assault, larceny, and hazing, while Guy, Hughes and Rice also business students, are all charged with larceny.

Both fraternities have yet to comment on the beating, and university officials have yet to say whether the students will be disciplined beyond the criminal charges they are facing.

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