The latest in the feel-bad saga that is Mel Gibson and Oksana Grigorieva‘s marriage arrives in the form of yet another threatened lawsuit. Gibson, 54, claims that Grigorieva, 30, is guilty of extortion for leaking his infamous tapes in an attempt to squeeze more money from him. Grigorieva’s lawyer, however, totally denies the charge.

Gibson points to a series of text messages in which Grigorieva says "U r keep saying that ull take care of us in the most generous way. I wouldn’t have played ur messages if u were keeping ur word." Gibson’s complaints hinge on the word ‘played,’ which he seems to believe proves her guilt in the matter. 

Grigorieva’s lawyer, however, has gone on the offensive in an appearance on NBC’s Today Show. “She’s a domestic violence victim, she was beaten, she was terrorized, and yet all the media seems to focus on is whether she extorted Mel Gibson, when in fact it’s just the opposite,” her lawyer said. “This has never been about money, there’s no chance in my view of anything even close to extortion." Neither Grigorieva’s domestic lawsuit nor Gibson’s extortion suit have yet been settled. –AMY LEE


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