O.J. Simpson took to Twitter on Wednesday to share his opinion on West Hollywood voting to cut funding for the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department (LASD).

“I think that’s all wrong… I spent a little time in one of our institutions and trust me, we need police. We need the Sheriff’s Department… I always said they should redirect some of those funds to better training,” said the 74-year-old former athlete turned ex-convict.

“I’ve always said to expanding the I.A.- internal affairs- the police who investigate the police. But defunding the police as whole, or the sheriff department as a whole? No,” he continued

The following day, Simpson posted another video addressing the comments about the irony of his post. During his murder trial, his defense argued against the LAPD for allegedly tampering with evidence and racism.

“I saw on the legitimate news today that they seem to think there was some kind of contradiction between my comments about defunding the police, which I’m against, and my defense in LA,” he said.

He then referred to the cops involved in the investigation and talked about the Rampart scandal, which investigated corruption in the department over unprovoked beatings, shootings, planting and covering up evidence, stealing, dealing drugs and perjury by officers.


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Simpson was accused of killing his former wife, Nicole Brown and her friend Rob Goldman in 1994, but was acquitted in 1995. The two were stabbed to death in Brentwood, California. He was later found responsible for the deaths in a civil trail, which had a lower standard of proof.

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