O.J. Simpson has reportedly been kicked out of a Las Vegas hotel after a drunken disturbance.


Just a month after being released from prison, Simpson is causing trouble again. He was booted from his Las Vegas hotel after allegedly causing a scene. Simpson, 70, reportedly got drunk and was being disruptive to other Cosmopolitan Hotel guests at the Clique bar.

Eventually glasses were broken because of Simpson’s behavior, and hotel security was called to break up the incident. When they arrived, the former football star was reportedly cooperative, and he was removed from the premises. Further, it is reported that Simpson has been permanently banned from the Cosmopolitan.

Simpson was released last month after serving nine years in jail after a botched 2007 robbery. Of course he is better know for the 1995 murder trial of his estranged wife and a waiter. He was infamously declared not guilty in one of the most controversial rulings of modern American history.

It is unclear as of now if the incident at the Cosmopolitan Hotel will in any way affect his parole standing. He will remain under supervised parole for five years.

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