For the latter part of a decade Canadian airline pilots have noticed strange “objects” in the sky. In 2016, an Air Canada flight reported that they have “crossed an unidentified flying object, round in shape, flying at an approximate speed of 300kts.” A few months later, a Porter Airlines flights noticed a similar “object” in the sky.

The sightings have been archived by the Civil Aviation Daily Occurrence Report System (CADORS). The CADORS has over 300,000 aviation incident report reports, including mechanical failures, rude passengers and bird strikes but it also contains UFO sightings in the Canadian airspace.

“Pilots are probably not reporting about 90 percent of the things they’re seeing because they know it could have lengthy career implications,” John “Jock” Williams, a former Royal Canadian Air Force pilot with over decades experience in the sky, told Vice. “For most pilots, it’s not worth it. That’s why I believe that each of these guys say what they reported.”

Another alleged UFO sighting recorded by CADORS occurred when air traffic controllers “received reports from four aircraft flight crews of a shy silver object over Toronto at roughly (30,000 feet), which turned sharply and moved rapidly to the Southeast over Lake Ontario” on October 21, 2005. Another report from 2015 stated that “a bright white light high above the aircraft and advised it was not a meteorite or another aircraft,” 34,000 feet above Saskatchewan.

“The events that are entered into CADORS are entered as they are reported to Transport Canada,” a spokesperson for the company said. “Transport Canada endeavors to ensure the accuracy and integrity of the data contained within CADORS. However, the information within should be traced as preliminary, unsubstantiated and subject to change.”

On November 29, 2016, a CADORS report showed that a doughnut-like object flew directly into the plane’s “flight path.” The Transportation Safety Board (TSB) shared that the plane’s “captain overrode the autopilot in order to quickly descend the aircraft under the object.” While no passengers were hurt, two flight attendants suffered “minor injuries when they were thrown into the cabin structure” as they “were in the process of securing the cabin for arrival.”

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