A clip of Norwegian bodybuilders visiting a tiny town in order to feel bigger has gone viral.


The clip is from the satirical Norwegian show En Helt Vanlig Dag on TVNorge, which translates as Just Another Day, and has received a lot of attention. The YouTube video shows a group of bodybuilders strolling about the miniature town Lilleputthammer in Norway. Apparently they had already done everything possible to get as big as they could, so now the only way to feel bigger is to go to places where everything else is very small.

“This tiny cup of coffee is lovely,” one of the men said in the video. “It even makes my calves look bigger.”

The men explain to the cameras that they’re a group of bodybuilders who like to come to Lilleputthammer to boost their self-esteem as they drink from tiny cups, cook meat in tiny pots and post tiny letters in tiny letterboxes. As one of the men, Knut, squeezes through a narrow doorway to one of the miniature houses, his friend compliments him, saying, “you’re really huge now, Knut.”


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Some of their hobbies include minigolf and framing stamps instead of pictures. Their dream, however, is to visit Hobbiton in New Zealand where they will surely “look enormous.”

Watch the video below:

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