North West, daughter of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian-West, attended her very first fashion show during Paris Fashion Week.

North West Sits Front Row At Balenciaga

North sat in the front row on her mother’s lap at the Balenciaga show, and posed for photos with her famous mom and dad. The fashionable toddler, who has already been featured in Vogue and starred in her own Chanel photo shoot, matched West and Kardashian with an all-black ensemble.

While her parents were, no doubt, dressed in designer duds, North’s outfit came straight from the Kardashian Kids collection. The darling 15-month-old wore a black leather skirt, black leggings and cute black Timbaland boots, all paired with a black Yeezus tour t-shirt.

Kardashian later told reporters that they had not planned on bringing their baby to the fashion show, but, once North started crying, they could not resist. “She started to cry when we were walking out the door [of our hotel]. And we couldn’t leave her. So, it was a spur-of-the-moment thing. But it was an amazing fashion show for her to be at for her first show. She loves it,” Kardashian told Yahoo! Style.

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