Norman ReedusThe Walking Dead star, took on zombies like we have never seen before on Tuesday’s episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live. The walking dead weren’t exactly walking.

Kimmel introduces the taped segment prefacing that The Walking Dead is trying to update the show, integrating “more modern stuff,” and that they were about to watch an example of the modernization of the show with a clip from the new season. The clip begins with Daryl, Reedus’ character, walking around an abandoned parking garage looking for supplies. He finds a raided van full of empty boxes but doesn’t understand what is meant by the descriptions of the boxes: “two wheel self-balancing electric scooter” and “futuristically funkypersonal transport.” Then the zombies swarm him, gliding in rather gracefully on the hoverboards. Darryl uses his classical methods of shooting with his crossbow and stabbing them in the head, but he finally defeats them with an ingenious method: stairs – a grenade.

“Douchebags,” he says, before turning away from their broken carcasses.

Reedus was on the show to promote both The Walking Dead and his new movie Triple 9Kimmel and Reedus also discussed the fanatic Walking Dead fandom with Reedus talking about the incident at the Walker Stalker Convention in December of last year. While posing for photos with fans, one woman howled at the ceiling and bit Reedus in the chest.

Reedus did not press charges, but did take to Instagram to express his feelings.

Um please don’t ??

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