Nonso Anozie just may return to Game of Thrones again. When Daenerys locked his character Xaro Xhoan Daxos in a vault in season 2, viewers can barely see anything except darkness and the light of the torches slowly getting masked by the enormous door. Then Anozie’s character starts to scream, but it’s too late. Dead, most viewers assumed, but not so fast. “You never actually saw me die, so you don’t know if I’m coming back,” he recently told People.

Now, Anozie is starring in Zoo, a CBS series based on a novel written by James Patterson and Michael Lewidge. Nonso plays one of the main characters, a safari guide in Kenya fighting violent animal attacks against humans.

Anozie also appears in the first episode of Tut, a Spike mini-series about the rise and fall of King Tut — a.k.a pharaoh Tutankhamun — in Egypt. The series also stars Sibylla Deen, Kylie Bunbury, Avan Jogia and Ben Kingsley. Spike will air the series as a three-night event from Sunday to Tuesday at 9 p.m.

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