Nintendo’s platforms have been performing rather well, though one of the Kyoto-based company’s more recent products – the Nintendo Entertainment System: NES Classic Edition — was discontinued before the demand for it was met. Thankfully, Nintendo confirmed last September that they would continue production of the 8-bit system this summer, and now we know when exactly it will return.


On May 14, Nintendo revealed their first plug-and-play console will hit stores again on June 29. Moreover, it and its successor, the Super NES Classic Edition, “are expected to be available through the end of the year.”

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Supply shortages plagued the retro throwback’s first run in stores, so it’s great fans who missed out on it last time (including yours truly) will have another chance to procure one. Notably, the NES Classic Edition hosted 30 video games hailing from its namesake 8-bit console, all of which are among its era’s most emblematic titles. $59.99 is the NES Classic Edition’s standard retail price, and additional controllers will cost $9.99.

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