Nintendo teased a kid-friendly announcement would come on January 17, and one did. Families with a Nintendo Switch will soon be able to enjoy the company’s new Nintendo Labo product line, which will give people a new way to interact with their Switch.


Nintendo Labo calls back to the Kyoto-based company’s history of creating toys. However, your cardboard Labo creations will meld together with the Nintendo Switch and its Joy-Con controllers, allowing you or your kids to interact with your creations digitally. You can ride a motorcycle, with the Switch’s screen showing you the racetrack. You can play a 13-key piano, for another example, which will be faithfully reproduced through the Switch; the IP Motion Camera and right Joy-Con work together to determine the keys pressed, and translates them into musical notes.

Nintendo of America President and COO Reggie Fils-Aime had the following to say regarding Labo’s mission:

“Nintendo Labo continues our longstanding mission of making people smile by surprising them with new experiences. It is an exciting evolution of the Nintendo Switch platform – one designed to inspire curiosity, creativity and imagination in people of all ages.”

Two Labo units will launch on April 20, the Variety and Robot Kits, both of which will come with their respective game card. A Variety Kit will cost $69.99, and it will allow prospective builders to construct a Toy-Con Piano, Motorbike, House, Fishing Rod or RC Car. The Robot Kit, $79.99, will instead allow you to construct a robot suit. Moreover, a special Customization Set will launch on the same day for $9.99. This kit comes with special tape, stickers and stencils to allow you to further customize your creations.

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