Nik Wallenda grabbed headlines Sunday night with a two-part tightrope walk between Chicago skyscrapers, completing one portion blindfolded.

Nik Wallenda Walks Tightrope Over Chicago

Wallenda, 35, took to the sky Sunday night, braving the cold while walking between two skyscrapers. Thousands of spectators reportedly gathered to watch Wallenda’s latest tightrope challenge, which began at the Marina City’s West Tower, 588 feet above ground, and took Wallenda across the Chicago River to the Leo Burnett Building, 671 feet high. For the second, shorter portion, Wallenda walked blindfolded from the West Tower to the East Tower.

Wallenda is well known for his daring tightrope walks – he has performed above the Grand Canyon, and Niagra Falls and comes form a family of daredevils. In fact, his father coached him through the blindfolded portion of Sunday night’s performance.

Wallenda called the blindfolded portion of the walk a huge mental challenge. “[It was] definitely challenging mentally. It was very, very draining,” Wallenda told Today on Monday morning.

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Wallenda may have broken two Guinness World Records Sunday, but he is already planning his next stunt. “I’m working on re-creating my great-grandfather’s greatest walk, which was over Tallulah Gorge, Georgia – 600 feet high, 1,000 feet long. He did two headstands on the wire. I’ve never done a headstand on the wire in public, and I’m training for that. I want to recreate that walk,” Wallenda revealed on Today.

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