The long-awaited stand alone Nightwing film is finally in the works. However, director Chris McKay needs help finding the new Dick Grayson.

McKay has been hinting at some Nightwing news coming around Valentine’s Day, and many fans were hoping it was going to be a released cast list. Unfortunately they will have to wait a little while longer as McKay needs help finding a leading actor.

On Thursday, the director took to Twitter to make a poll and ask fans what qualities they would look for in an actor if they were to cast Dick Grayson.

So far, he’s gotten over 84,000 votes and about 43% of the voters are looking for “a bada–martial artist.”

McKay warns DC fans that they should not be expecting any casting news any time soon, as they are taking their time with the process – but that the “Nightwing script [is] expected very soon.”

McKay from the start of the project has expressed his devotion in finding the perfect Nightwing. He stated back in 2017 that “it has to be a full commitment” from who ever will take the lead.

This is not Chris McKay’s first Batman-related film, as he was also the director for the highly praised animated movie The LEGO Batman Movie.

The Nightwing movie is still a long time coming, so until then fans are looking forward to the new Aquaman film coming out on Dec. 21 featuring Jason Momoa as the title lead.

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