The ‘Nightmare Nanny,’ Diane Stretton finally left the home of her employers in Upland, Calif., after refusing to leave following her dismissal.

Bracamontes Hired Stretton On Craigslist

Stretton, 64, became international news when word broke that the former nanny was refusing to leave her room in the home of Ralph and Marcella Bracamonte, the couple who hired Stretton as a live-in nanny. Bracamonte have three children, ages 11, 4 and 1, and they put an add out on Craigslist looking for a live in nanny to help take care of their children and help with some of the housework and cooking. After hiring Stretton on March 4, the arrangement worked well for a reported two months when suddenly Stretton stopped working.

“All of a sudden she stopped working, she would stay in her room all day and only come out when food was ready,” Marcella Bracamonte told ABC News.

Nanny, Diane Stretton, Refused To Leave Home

Stretton reportedly stayed in her room and claimed she suffered from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. After weeks of not working, the Bracamontes fired her and asked her to move out of their home. Stretton refused, staying locked up in her room. The Bracamontes tried to file legal eviction papers, but they filed the wrong paperwork and, when called, the police informed them that they could not intervene in a “civil matter.”

The Bracamontes, fearful of having Stretton in their home with their children, also began locking their belongings, even putting a bicycle lock on their fridge so that Stretton could not steal their food.

“This person is in our house, and I have to go to work. She towers over my wife, my kids. And I know there is nothing I can do about it,” Ralph Bracamonte told CBS.

Stretton Threatened To Sue For Wrongful Termination

Due to California’s Domestic Worker Bill of Rights, the Bracamontes could not simply change their locks or throw out Stretton’s things, because then they would be susceptible to a lawsuit and, according to the Bracamontes, Stretton had already threatened to sue them for breach of contract, wrongful termination, false imprisonment and elder abuse.

“So this lady is welcome inside my house, anytime she wants. I’m now a victim in my home, and it’s completely legal," Marcella Bracamonte said in an interview with KTLA-TV.

Stretton Finally Leaves House

The Bracamontes had begun formal eviction proceedings – which could take up to 6 months to take effect – when Stretton finally left the home of her own volition. Stretton reportedly left all her belongings behind when she walked out of the home Thursday morning and never returned. She has since contacted the family and informed them that she would move out by July 4. However, the Bracamontes are set to go on vacation July 2, and they fear that Stretton will take advantage of their absence to change the locks, locking them out of their own home.

“They were the ones that were trying to exploit me, as if I was some poor migrant worker from a foreign country that they could work 24/7…I certainly wouldn’t have taken it if I knew what they had in mind,” Stretton told reporters.

This has not been Stretton’s first brush with the law. In fact, Stretton reportedly has an impressive 36 lawsuits to her name and is on California’s Vexatious Litigant Lists for abusing the legal system.


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