The 65th Taormina Film Festival opened on June 30, in Sicily, Italy, and Nicole Kidman appeared in three different looks to mark the occasion.

Kidman first appeared on the red carpet, wearing a hot pink off the shoulder dress. The actress then had an outfit change for when she spoke with the audience about her love for film. She was dressed in a printed maxi dress and a pair of red-heeled sandals. On her wrist, she wore a watch that complimented the dress.

According to 112 International, Kidman spoke about how she’s always wanted to be in the cinema world since she was a child, despite not knowing how it worked.


“I’m in love with the cinema,” said Kidman. “And I wanna say this because this is Italy. It began the European cinema. And I wouldn’t sneak off obviously if I would see Kubrick. But I would also see Fellini. I was young and I didn’t understand a lot of works in the scene, but I knew that I want to be a part of it. And I wanted to say thank you Italy because you have always “got me.” And I am ok.”

Kidman then appeared in her final look for the awards ceremony, where she was presented with the Taormina Arte Award. She received the award, wearing a bedazzled collared white dress.

The Taormina Film Festival is an annual festival that takes place at the end of June in a Sicilian resort town on the hills of the Tauro Mountain.

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