Ellen DeGeneres recently invited Food Network chef Giada De Laurentiis onto her show to teach her and her guest Nicole Kidman a couple simple Italian recipes.


And as usual, Ellen didn’t learn how to cook a single thing. Giada attempts to teach them how to make arancini and focaccia. They started with the arancini, and Giada gave the ladies one task – to roll risotto into bite-sized balls. “Have you ever made any kind of balls before?” Giada asks to a giggling Ellen. “No I’m not… It’s…” said Ellen as the audience guffawed. “This is a family friendly show,” added Kidman.

Kidman looks put out almost the entire time. She asks Giada if they are timing the risotto balls, which they’d put in hot oil. And tells the pro chef that she likes to be “precise” and almost rolls her eyes. Ellen, meanwhile, chows down on the pre-prepared appetizers set out. “That’s very good,” she says. “I’m trying to learn, she’s just eating,” Kidman jokes to the host.

With all the chatter, one of the producer’s tells Ellen to “move it along,” which, as Ellen tends to do, she announces to everyone. “This is not going the way I was hoping,” Giada says after more cooking struggles, all with a smile on her face.

They all break down laughing when Ellen tries to prepared focaccia and struggles to chew the tough bread. “Why do I even do a cooking segment,” Giada says through laughs. “Why do I bother?”

Watch the entire segment below.

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