Pippa Middleton, sister to Duchess Kate Middleton, has a new boyfriend in stockbroker Nico Jackson.

Jackson, who Pippa reportedly spent her Valentine’s Day with, is in the finance business and works as a stockbroker for Deutsche Bank in London. In the past, Pippa has been linked to former cricket player Alex Loudon and George Percy, an earl and heir to the castle that serves as Hogwarts in the Harry Potter films.

Jackson comes from humbler beginnings and backgrounds than both Loudon or Percy. He neither of an elite British family, nor was he schooled at a top university. He grew up in a townhouse in Folkestone, Kent, according to the Daily Mail, and attended Catholic schools in the area. His father owns a sportswear retail store and his mother formerly worked as an au pair in Austria. Jackson’s mother, Ulrike Jackson, is on board with her son dating the Duchess’ little sister, telling The Mirror that the family is “very pleased.”

Pippa’s relationship with Jackson is certainly not a fling. He was reportedly spotted with Pippa on vacation in Mustique with Kate and Prince William. And last week, the pair were spotted at a Swiss ski resort celebrating Valentines Day. “Pippa Middleton snogging her boyfriend aggressively next to me at the bar,” wrote Twitter user Mike Goldstein, according to USA Today. "Tempted by tabloid fee.”

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