Nicki Minaj twerks up a storm in her just-dropped music video for her newest single “Anaconda,” in which she shows off her famous butt, twerking and giving Drake a lap dance.

Nicki Minaj Twerks In "Anaconda" Music Video

“Anaconda” – a new take on Sir Mix-A-Lot’s legendary “Baby Got Back” – is all about showcasing Minaj’s butt, as evidenced by the single’s much talked about cover art. And the music video, which was released on Wednesday, Aug. 20, has wracked up over 21 million views in less than two days.

Minaj and an array of female dancers twerk throughout the video and show off their butts – sometimes wearing clothes that have ‘BUTT’ on them in large lettering – in a jungle setting. When Minaj isn’t flexing her behind for the camera, she’s playing suggestively with bananas or giving her frequent collaborator, Drake, a lap dance. In a Twitter Q&A with fans, Minaj admitted that the lapdance was completely choreographed, and was performed drunk.

Internet Reacts To "Anaconda" Video

Needless to say, the video has taken the internet by storm, with many creating gifs and memes and recording their own reaction videos.

Even celebrities have joined in on the fun. Rapper Soulja Boy posted a reaction video on Vine, and actor Joshua Malina of Scandal joked about Minaj on Twitter.

Minaj is set to perform “Anaconda” at the MTV Video Music Awards Sunday, Aug. 24.

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