Nicki Minaj and her ex-boyfriend Safaree Samuels started dating back in 2000, ending their relationship in 2014. However, the former couple did not enjoy an amicable breakup, and both artists are currently feuding with each other on Twitter.


While neither party explicitly named the other in their dialog, it’s clear the two were airing out their grievances with each other on the social media platform.


Samuels’ strongest acquisition against his ex-girlfriend was one of assault, saying how he was sent to the hospital after she cut him. He also allegedly lied to police, telling them he was suicidal so Minaj wouldn’t be arrested.

Minaj countered by mentioning how he absconded with her credit card, treating it as “free money.” She also accused him of lying and childishly pleading with her to let him tag along to the Europe Music Awards.

Samuels denied any claims of stealing her credit card, adding that he did not use it to hire prostitutes. He went on to discuss the mutual distrust that brew between them.

Nevertheless, Samuels seemed to want to close their Twitter tirade on a somewhat more polite note, tweeting that he doesn’t hate her. The “Hunnid” singer also advised her to remain levelheaded, explaining how Minaj is “too big to act the way” she’s been conducting herself:

The self-proclaimed Queen was not content ending their discourse on that note, however. She fired back, addressing him as cowardly in the presence of Meek Mills, Minaj’s most recent boyfriend. She also took a jab at Samuels’ hairline, claiming she paid for it and currently has buyer’s remorse.

In a follow-up tweet, Minaj mentioned how he went to the same doctor rapper Tyga did for the procedure, though Samuels denied that specific claim.

Needless to say, all of this chatter did not escape the attention of other people, many of whom weighed in on their feud:

Check out Safaree’s uInterview below: