Nicki Minaj is wading into drama stirred up by a supposed former employee now railing against her through an Instagram account, but many fans are not convinced of the validity of the accuser.

Nicki Minaj Assistant Accusations

Some of the claims made in the posts included that Minaj owes the IRS almost $200 million, that she has a sex tape with Lil Wayne and Drake, and that most prominent musicians distance themselves from her because of her relationship with Kenneth Petty.

In a novella’s worth of Instagram Stories posted to an Instagram account named “katemiller_7,” the anonymous user claimed to be a recently-terminated assistant of the “Superbass” rapper that went by the name “Onika.” The reason for Onika’s firing was “fraud with her bank account” which she said Minaj had no proof of.

From the very first posts, heavy allegations were levied including that Minaj arranged a $75,000 bribe to ensure the charting success of her upcoming single “Freaky Girl.” Onika also claimed to have access to her tax refunds and asked “When are we gonna tell the barbz [Minaj Fandom] you’ve owed the IRS 173 million since 2016? Renting homes is always the go to for the Minaj residence.”

Some of the writer’s accusations were specific and others vaguer. She referenced Minaj’s husband Petty on multiple occasions, saying at first “Meek isn’t the only abuser,” in reference to Minaj’s ex-boyfriend Meek Mill. She accused Petty of pushing Minaj “off that lodge,” but what seems like a spelling error makes it unclear where he may have pushed her from.

The accuser also wrote more vaguely later on “the things your husband said to me when you weren’t around still gives me chills and as a woman I’m going to deal with that on my own time but you are both sick and meant for each other.”

The assistant also said rather sinisterly that “everyone in the industry has the video” in reference to Minaj denying that she has had sex with Lil Wayne or Drake. They also later wrote she “slept with every big rapper back in her underground days.”

While these certainly seem like bombshell accusations, the accuser didn’t present any legitimate evidence for these claims besides their anonymous words. They claimed that this was due to an NDA they signed. Some critics online pointed out that there were plenty of grammatical and spelling errors in these accusations, which may not line up with the demeanor expected of a successful assistant.

Minaj did not appear bothered by any of these allegations presented in the since-deleted account. In a live stream from her own Instagram, she said that people believing this are “so f––king dumb.” She also said, “It’s clearly a kid. Do you know how much money you have to make to owe that amount of money to the IRS?”

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