Nick Zano has been confirmed to join the cast of DC Comic’s Legends of Tomorrow as a series regular on the CW show, playing the role of Dr. Nate Heywood.

Zano’s character is a historian who is also the grandson of Justice Society of America member Henry Heywood, known as Commander Steel. In the comic books, the character Dr. Nate Heywood is a former college football star who shattered his knee and became addicted to painkillers. Later on, he was turned into “living steel” but didn’t want to be known as Commander Steel, so he’s referred to as Citizen Steel. It is not confirmed which direction the show will take the character.

In the closing minutes of the DC’s Legends of Tomorrow season one finale, the team is preparing to enter their time-traveling ship, The Waverider, when another Waverider appears in the sky above them and crashes to the ground. A lone survivor exits from the wreckage, making the claim that if they get on that ship they’d all die. That man reveals himself as Rex Tyler, the superhero Hourman, played by Patrick J. Adams.

The addition of Hourman served as a tease for the introduction of the Justice Society. Executive producer Marc Guggenheim said last month, “We’re planting a big flag that season 2 of Legends will not only feature the Legends of Tomorrow, but also the JSA. Phil Klemmer, Geoff Johns, Dan Evans, and I sat down in a room at DC with a list, and it’s a long list, of the members of the JSA. One of the more fun afternoons I’ve had recently is sitting down and actually composing our JSA lineup, our perfect JSA lineup. That was a blast to do.”

The series is reconstructing the cast list in more ways than one. Guggenheim added, “the composition of the team is going to change; there will be some new faces on the Waverer.” Ciara Renée, who played hawk girl, will be leaving the show while Wentworth Miller will now be a reoccurring character as he will also be working on The Flash.

Another new face will be the character Vixen. An actor has not yet been chosen for that role.  

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