Nick Hogan, the 24-year-old son of former pro wrestler Hulk Hogan, has become the first male celebrity to have his nude pictures leaked onto the Internet.

Nick Hogan Nude Pics Leaked

Hogan’s leaked pictures, which are numerous, feature the reality TV star in various states of undress and compromising positions. Many of the pictures show Hogan with past girlfriends, while others are snaps of his penis, according to TMZ.

Hogan has said that the penis picture is not of him. He has also claimed that the two pictures showing his mom Linda bent over in a thong were not in his possession.

Following the leak, Hogan has admitted that some of the pictures with former girlfriends date back to his teenage years, reported TMZ. Since some of the girls were underage, the pictures would constitute child porn.

Over the last couple of months, numerous celebrities have been targeted in a widespread nude picture hack. Among the most notable victims have been Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton and Kim Kardashian.