As Bobbi Kristina remains hospitalized and on life support, law enforcement has launched a criminal investigation to determine if foul play was involved in the 21-year-old’s current state. At the center of the investigation is Kristina’s boyfriend Nick Gordon.

Police Suspect Foul Play

When Kristina was taken to the hospital after she was discovered unconscious in a bathtub in her Atlanta-area home and brought to the local hospital, medical personnel noticed injuries that could have been consistent with foul play, police told TMZ. Sources have also told the outlet that Kristina and Gordon had a known history of domestic violence.

Leading police to launch the investigation is testimony from friend Max Lomas, who was with Gordon when he found Kristina in the bathtub. According to Lomas, when he arrived at the residence, Gordon had said that Kristina was in the bedroom. When a cable guy arrived and said that he needed access to the bedroom, Lomas says he couldn’t locate Gordon and let the man into the bedroom himself. Inside, Lomas found Kristina in the tub.

Once Lomas alerted Gordon to Kristina’s condition, per his testimony, Gordon began performing CPR. As they waited for police, Lomas claims Gordon left to clean up the home, removing blood stains.

Lomas’ attorney has reportedly asked the cops to give his client immunity in exchange for further testimony.

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