Amanda Kloots announced on May 12, that her husband, Broadway star Nick Cordero, is awake after being unconscious for weeks during his battles with the coronavirus. Kloots posted an announcement on her Instagram story as she held her and Cordero’s baby son, Elvis Cordero. “He is awake,” she said. “We did it.”

Kloots has been gaining support for Cordero’s recovery on social media by using a hashtag that has since gone viral, “#WakeNickUp.” On May 1, Kloots posted an Instagram with that read, “It’s May 1. Nick was induced and put on a ventilator in the ICU on April 1. New month, same goal! YOU CAN DO IT BABY! Also, our neighbors are awesome. #wakeupnick.”

Kloots posted another Instagram on May 12 of herself and her son that says, “positivity, hope, perseverance, strength and prayers! We aren’t giving up Nick Cordero! #wakeupnick.” In the photo, Kloots is wearing a mask that has the words, “Wake Nick Up” written on it. 

Although Cordero is now awake, he is still recovering. Kloots said, “even closing his eyes, takes it out of him,” she said. “They’re waiting for him to regain strength, of course, time and recovery will help with that and then eventually PT will help him get stronger.” 

Kloots’ most recent Instagram post pictures her kissing her son. In this post, Kloots has used a different hashtag to send an update to supporters, with the caption reading, “kisses for Dada! #nickiswoke” 

Cordero was initially hospitalized in March because of the coronavirus. He has been receiving care at the Cedars–Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles and has been on a ventilator since April 1. After multiple complications form the virus, Cordero had to have his leg amputated last month.


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