Nicholas Galitzine is a British model, up-and-coming actor and musician known for his parts in The Beat Beneath My Feet and most recently High Strung.

Nicholas Galitzine Bio: Age, Early Life & Career Breakthrough

Galitzine was born and raised in London (Nicholas Galitzine Age: 20). From an early age, he showed an interest in the arts, singing in a choir since the age of 10. He was quite shy and didn’t want to audition for any parts in productions, but his brief exposure to the stage eventually motivated him to try out for a school production of Guys and Dolls and got a part in the ensemble. This allowed him to challenge his anxiety due to his stage fright.

When asked about how he got into acting, Galitzine told uInterview in an exclusive uBio:

My road to acting has been quite crazy… I’m 21 years old now. I graduated from school when I was 19 – I had never acted before in my life, never took a class… And there was this festival called the Edinburgh Fringe Festival – a very accomplished theater festival. I had nothing to do with my summer holiday… So I went along and that’s where I got scouted by my English agency.

Then what followed has been a crazy two years, where my first audition, I managed to land a job for my first film that I did, which did very well in festivals, nominated for a few awards. And then did this incredible film [High Strung] as well, and shot something in Ireland… I’ve got agencies out here in the States, so it’s been a bit of a whirlwind for me, but that’s kind of how the industry is really.

Galitzine made his film debut in John Williams’ feature film The Beat Beneath My Feet, in which he played the part of teenager Tom, who discovers that his neighbor (Luke Perry) is a well-known rock star who supposedly died a few years ago. The film premiered at London’s Raindance Film Festival in October 2014 and also played during the Berlin Film Festival the following year.

Nicholas Galitzine Bio: Recent Work

Galitzine’s most recent screen release is Michael Damian‘s feature film High Strung, where he plays a struggling British violinist Johnnie living in New York and facing extradition. He plays opposite ballet dancer Keenan Kampa, whose character helps him in the competition the outcome of which would decide his fate. High Strung also stars actress Jane Seymour and Paul Freeman. Galitzine is also set to appear as one of the lead characters in John Butler‘s upcoming film Handsome Devil, starring Andrew Scott, which will be released later in 2016.



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