Buffy The Vampire Slayer star Nicholas Brendon, 50, was recently arrested for prescription drug fraud.

The arrest took place in Vigo County, Indiana on August 18. Brendon was jailed for reportedly using a false name in order to acquire certain drugs.

Police apprehended Brendon after he was observed driving a silver Dodge Journey in an unsafe manner. Authorities explained that he was not using turn signals and was not driving in a straight line. Officers then approached the vehicle, where they found a distraught Brendon. “He appeared nervous due to a visibly racing pulse on his neck and shaking hands,” read a police affidavit. The document also stated that he was covered in sweat.

Brendon then presented the officers with a California ID bearing the name ‘Kelton Schultz.’ He claimed this was his twin brother. Brendon actually has a twin brother, but his name is Kelly Donovan.

Brendon’s vehicle was then searched, revealing drug paraphernalia. “[Police found a] small plastic bag that contained crystal/powder residue,” the report explained. A prescription for a Nicholas Bender was also discovered. This prompted the use of a police dog, as Brendon was now suspected of drug trafficking. The dog discovered a prescription for a Kelton Schultz, which contained amphetamine salts.

Brendon claimed that he took pills prescribed to his brother, but that he had been prescribed the same medication. He was then arrested for presenting false identification and using prescription drugs under a false pretense.

Brendon was on probation at the time of the arrest. He was put on probation after he admitted to domestic battery. The incident involved his girlfriend at the time and occurred in a hotel in California. Brendon has also been charged with criminal mischief in the past and has been arrested on multiple other instances. He has a history of substance abuse and has been to rehabilitation programs three times. He is known for his role as Xander Harris on the Buffy series.

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