Buffy star Nicholas Brendon checked himself into rehab earlier this month after using his bare hands to smash a window of a woman’s apartment.

Nicholas Brendon Returns To Rehab

On July 3, Brendon reportedly got into an argument with a woman at her apartment and subsequently put his bare hands through one of her windows, reported TMZ. After the act of rage, Brendon took off. Firefighters responded to the incident, and cops later found Brendon in a nearby alley bleeding from his hands.

Brendon was brought to a local hospital, where he received medical attention for the lacerations to his hands. Upon his release, he was not arrested. Three days after the incident, he checked himself into rehab.

After splitting from his wife of four months, Moonda Tee, back in February, Brendon has been involved in a number of concerning incidents. He was arrested for trashing a hotel room in Fort Lauderdale and refusing to pay his bill shortly after announcing the divorce, according to Gossip Cop. The following month, he was arrested for a similar event in Tallahassee. At the time, Brendon said he was suffering from depression.

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