The video of Ray Rice striking his then-fiancée Janay Palmer in the face in an Atlantic City casino was allegedly sent to the NFL back in April by a law enforcement official.

NFL Received Ray Rice Video

The law enforcement official, who has chosen to remain anonymous, claims that he sent the video to NFL headquarters addressed to Jeffrey Miller, who heads security for the organization. "I mailed it anonymously to Jeff Miller because he's their head of security. I attached a note saying: 'Ray Rice elevator video. You have to see it. It's terrible,'” said the unnamed official. “I provided a number for a disposable cellphone and asked for confirmation that it was received. I knew there was a possibility Mr. Miller may not get the video, but I hoped it would land in the right hands."

While the official did not receive contact from Miller, he did get a response from the NFL in the form of a 12-second voicemail. The voicemail, left on April 9, was from a woman who confirmed receiving the package and stated, “You’re right. It’s terrible.”

Since the official's statements have hit the press, Miller has adamantly denied ever receiving the package or ever watching the video.

"I unequivocally deny that I received at any time a copy of the video,” he said in a statement, echoing the multiple denials by NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell. “And I had not watched it until it was made public on September 8.”

In addition to claiming to have sent the video and getting a confirmation of its arrival at NFL headquarters, the official also maintained that the NFL never asked for the video – which they claimed to have done to no avail.

"Since the NFLPA and NFL have launched separate investigations into the league and the Ravens' handling of Ray Rice's case, I want to make a few things clear,” the official said. “No one from the NFL ever asked me for the inside-elevator video.”

It’s also been claimed that Goodell received a fully detailed account of what happened in the elevator directly from Rice in a June meeting, reported the New York Daily News. “He was grateful about what Ray told him," the source told the news. “Roger talked to him alone in his office after the meeting. It was very emotional."

After the now infamous video was leaked through the media earlier this month, Goodell suspended Rice from the NFL indefinitely.

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