NFL star Antonio Brown’s latest controversial moment came when he mooned an unidentified woman on a vacation in Dubai. The events occurred in a hotel pool, on May 14th. He also exposed his genitals while at the pool’s edge. Video was recorded of Brown’s behavior at the hotel, as well as the targeted woman’s response. Initially she did not seem too concerned, though she quickly moved away from the area after Brown’s behavior continued. In the recording, Brown exposes his buttocks to the woman twice and attempted to wrap a head scarf around her which he had taken from another guest. Before she is able to move away, Brown picks her up and throws her headfirst back into the water. The woman and Brown had only met that day according to witnesses.

The hotel has not released the name of the victim as of yet, though it has been revealed that Brown was asked to leave shortly after the scene had transpired. Complaints had been piling up before the incident regarding alleged smell of marijuana coming from Brown’s room.

Brown texted a response to a reporter’s inquiry on the issue, “do what u got to do p—y u white boys dead already.” The star went to twitter, using the incident to promote himself to football teams. “I’m telling every team that needs some offense to pick up AB bc he’s shown that he still has the ability to expose a D.”

This is not the first time Brown has been in the news for more than questionable acts. His past behavior has put him at odds with the NFL and the legal system. A trainer, Britney Taylor accused him of sexual assault which concluded in a civil suit that ended in 2021. In 2020, Brown was given probation for battery and burglary.

There has been no word if Brown’s misconduct will result in any charges.

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