Soccer star Neymar’s sister Rafaella Santos posed in a Brazil jersey in support of her brother’s World Cup game against Serbia.

Santos shared a boomerang of herself getting ready for the game with some other men donning Brazil shirts and flags. The soccer star’s younger sister sported two long braids and a cap as she prepared for the big day.

Another photo posted to Instagram shows the gorgeous Santos wearing a jersey with the number 10, which is her brother’s number.

“My favorite number,” she captioned the picture.

Neymar and his sister are apparently very close. They grew up together in Sao Paulo and have shared pictures together on social media before.

Brazil dominated in Thursday’s game, closing out at Brazil 2-0 Serbia at the Lusail Stadium in Qatar. This year’s World Cup has been shrouded in controversy since the beginning. Soccer fans criticized the choice to host the 2022 games in Qatar because of concerns about human rights abuses by the government.

The host country has already been eliminated from this year’s World Cup, becoming the first host to exit the series so soon, after just two matches.

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