The Connecticut home of Adam Lanza, the Sandy Hook shooter, was torn down this week, officials confirm.

Newtown Shooter’s Home Demolished

In 2012, Lanza, 20, shot and killed his mother, Nancy Lanza, in the newly demolished home before driving to Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn. There, he killed 20 kids and six adults before turning the gun on himself. Following the tragedy, the Elementary School was closed and torn down, and many of the town’s residents hoped to see Lanza’s home meet the same fate.

In January, Newtown officials voted in favor of tearing down the property, which was donated to them in December of 2014 by a bank who took over the $523,000 property. “Not only is the property a constant reminder of the evil that resided there, those of us who walk, run, drive, ride or otherwise must pass it multiple times a day, are having a hard time moving on,” wrote Newtown resident and neighbor Dave Ackart.

On Monday, March 23, the Lanza home was completely dismantled, and city officials plan on filling in the foundation and simply letting nature take over the property.

“It’s just a reminder to the neighbors and the town. It’s better to have it not be a constant sign of what happened,” said Newtown Director of Planning George Benson.

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