This episode of The Walking Dead started out with Rick, trapped in a cell at the Junkyard.


Jadis and her Scavengers do not seem to be focused on the imminent war, but rather on Rick’s half-naked body. Jadis admits that she wants to sculpt him “after,” and Rick isn’t really sure what “after” means. Back at the Sanctuary, Eugene has discovered that Dwight is the mole. He confronts him and offers a deal – that he won’t tell Negan as long as he stops what he’s doing. In response, Dwight sits Eugene down and reminds him of the terrible things that Negan has done, but Eugene is already too far gone to have his mind changed about Negan.

Eugene leaves Dwight with his ultimatum, and sees Laura reinforcing the front door. She estimates that the Saviors have, at most, two days before the walkers break into the Sanctuary.

Eugene finds Harlan, the doctor from the Hilltop, who brings him into the medical room to look after Gabriel. Eugene is angry that Gabriel helped with the AHK (Alexandria, Hilltop, Kingdom) uprising, and hesitantly helps. When the doctor leaves to gather more medicine, Eugene assists Gabriel but has to force himself to help. They chat, and Gabriel implores Eugene to “do the right thing,” but that appears to mean different things to the two men.

Tanya, one of Negan’s wives, meets Eugene in his room, and they strike a deal – if he fixes her stereo, she’ll pay him in wine. They have a discussion that shows that Eugene doesn’t care at all about the women who are forced to be Negan’s wives. Instead, he asks her for the second bottle of wine to help him sleep. She reminds him of his faults, and how he could have helped save her from Negan in the past, but gives him the wine as she leaves. Just then, Laura finds Eugene and tells him Negan is looking for him.

Meanwhile, Morgan sees Daryl pulling up to the compound in a truck. Daryl and Tara are preparing to run the truck straight into the compound to blow a hole in the side. They believe most of the workers are on the opposite side, but this allow a breach for walkers to get in through. The pair begin to fight about when to do what, with Daryl eager to make moves. Morgan offers his sniping handiwork, but Rosita pulls out, reminding Michonne of the last time they jumped the gun.

Back in the Sanctuary, Negan assures Eugene that he will survive no matter what. He offers his hand for a handshake, and Eugene is euphoric over the gesture. But it appears Negan is just playing his loyal pawn. While scrapping for parts, Eugene comes across Sasha’s casket, and determines to use her iPod to make a remote control glider to lead the dead away from the Sanctuary.

As Eugene’s about to launch the glider, Dwight confronts him and warns against the move. He shoots it off anyway, but Dwight shoots it down in a fiery explosion. At the same time, Dwight drives his truck into the Sanctuary walls, and walkers flood in. Workers are dying and Eugene runs to Gabriel to complain about how selfish he’s being. But in the end, he still wants to save just himself. He goes to Negan, intent on ratting out Dwight, but at the last second he decides against it, and returns to his room to chug his wine.

Back at the Junkyard, the Scavengers put mostly-naked-Rick in the middle of a square with a walker coming at him to kill him. But, being Rick, he quickly fights off his guards and takes control of the walker via the stick coming out of its head. He steers it toward Jadis, and threatens her with the chomping walker head, until she submits. She agrees to help AHK, and Rick agrees to give the Scavengers 1/4 of the supplies if their raid is successful. As they head back toward the Sanctuary, Rick finds one of his snipers dead. He can’t get anyone on the walkie talkies, so he scrambles up to get a better view, and sees the hole in the wall, and that there are no more walkers outside.

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