The third 90-minute episode this season was again used to show audiences just how evil Negan is, but by now his character has become exhausting rather than terrifying.


This episode sees Carl attempt to execute his master plan to kill Negan by sneaking up on him in his compound, but of course Carl fails. He gets caught by Negan who, instead of killing Carl, takes him on a tour of the village, and the audience gets another glimpse at what life with Negan is all about. This, however, is nothing new. He sexually abuses his multitude of wives, he burns a man with a hot iron to the face, he keeps prisoners in cages, all of which we have seen before.

Negan then decides to bring Carl back to Alexandria and they return while most of the crew is away scavenging. Negan chooses to wait there holding Rick’s baby Judith until Rick’s return.

The scavenging mission is somewhat of a success. Rick and Aaron stick together, Rosita convinces Eugene to make her a bullet to kill Negan with, and Spencer and Gabriel make the greatest coincidental find of all – a dead survivalist walker who wrote down where his secret stores of food were in Latin. Thank goodness Spencer knows Latin.


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MIchonne, meanwhile, found herself a Savior and kidnapped her, with hopes that she can use her as leverage against Negan, and have her lead them to his camp.

Next week is the mid-season finale, and fans are hoping all this built up tension will come to a head. At least in this episode, while it was mainly Negan showing off his mean chops, Rick and the gang have been making strides to take down the Svaiors. There is also a hope that certain characters will make a comeback, including Carol and Morgan, who have only appeared in one episode in the season thus far.

See the trailer for episode 8 below.

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