As Russia’s war in Ukraine continues to present unexpected challenges to the invading country, rumors continue to swirl around its President Vladimir Putin and his current physical and mental well-being.

Online critics have been reviewing Putin’s recent media appearances and noticing a change in his stature that some have attributed to recent illness, but none of these claims can be confirmed as the Kremlin is extremely guarded with Putin’s medical records. Since he has relied on the reputation as being athletic and healthy in the past, seeing the leader seem shakier and occasionally uncomfortable in certain videos has caused poor health speculation to continue even now.

The publication New Lines Magazine has obtained an unconfirmed audio recording reportedly captured sometime in mid-March, where an oligarch reportedly said Putin was “very ill with blood cancer.” New Lines claims they were able to authenticate the oligarch as having a legitimate connection to the Kremlin, but did not name him to ensure against Russian retaliation.

In the conversation, which was captured in secret during a business meeting by a venture capitalist from an unspecified western country, the man also ranted about Putin’s military decisions which have “absolutely ruined Russia’s economy, Ukraine’s economy and many other economies.” He also may have later said in reference to Putin, “One crazy guy can turn the world upside down.” New Lines did share that the oligarch currently resides outside of Russia and is one of the country’s 200 richest businessmen.

The recording reportedly lasted for 11 minutes, and also apparently includes the man connecting Putin’s back problems in recent years with his theorized blood cancer diagnosis. The most intense part of the interaction came when the man allegedly said “we all hope,” that Putin dies from cancer or another illness.

It does seem like this conflict is having a physical toll on Putin, and stress could be aggravating natural health issues that occur in a man who will be turning 70 years old this year.

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