A U.S. judge has approved the seizure of two wildly expensive private planes which are owned by Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich, an influential businessman known to have a close relationship with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The two planes are two of the most expensive private planes in the world and their combined value totals over $400 million. The Commerce Department’s Bureau of Industry also announced they would be filing administrative charges against Abramovich, which could seek penalties of up to twice the aircraft’s value.

Abramovich, the former owner of the Chelsea soccer team, hasn’t faced a full sanctions from the U.S. like other prominent Russians but has still been taking heat from plenty of countries in response to Russia’s ongoing invasion of Ukraine. At least $7 billion in assets reportedly tied to the oligarch were frozen in Jersey, a tax haven off the U.K. coast, back in April as well.

Along with the announcement of the pending seizures, a Justice Department official said they are meant to show that “no one is above the law and not being on OFAC’s [sanctioned] list doesn’t give you a license to evade sanctions or export controls.”

Findings from the FBI showed that Abramovich’s ownership of the planes was nested under at least four different shell companies. The planes are in Dubai and Russia currently and were accused of flying in and out of Russia during the invasion without obtaining proper licenses from the Commerce Department.

Abramovich’s sale of Chelsea was approved in May, and he said back in February that the proceeds, which totaled over $3 billion, would be used to “benefit all victims of the war in Ukraine.” The money is now sitting in a U.K. bank to benefit a charity for Ukrainians.

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