President Donald Trump has shared with the public his redesign of the exterior of Air Force One.

In an interview with ABC News, Trump held up various photo plans of what Air Force One will look like by 2024. According to Trump’s plan, the exterior of the plane will be painted with new red, white and blue stripes. This would eliminate the blue and white colors that have been the signature plane design for decades. It is the first redesign since the Kennedy Administration in 1962.

“There’s your new Air Force Once,” Trump told ABC while holding up his own designs of the plane, “and I’m doing that for other Presidents, not for me.” This remodeling is planned to be completed by 2024, which would give Trump the chance to spend some time in it if he is re-elected next year.

“We added things, and I got $1.6 billion off the price,” Trump bragged. When asked if there would be in an escape pod in it like the one in the movie Air Force One, Trump made a joke and said, “there are a couple of secrets, I don’t think we’re supposed to talk about that.”


On June 3, the House Armed Service Committee approved an amendment that would put limits on the interior and exterior paint designs for presidential aircraft.

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