Rocker Tommy Lee has blasted President Donald Trump and his supporters in a new tweet.

On August 7, Lee posted a message on Twitter that was specifically directed to those that support Trump, whom he calls “Trumpsters.”  

“You Trumpsters better pray that liberals never gain control of the WH again because we are going to pay you back so f***ing hard for all this s**t. Planned Parenthoods on every damn corner,” the message begins.


“We’re going to tax your mega churches so bad Joel Olsteen will need to get a job at Chick Fil A to pay his light bill. Speaking of Chick Fil A, we’re buying all of those and giving them to any LGTQ person your sick cult leaders tortured wit conversion therapy,” the message goes.

The post also calls for replacing Confederate statues for Black Lives Matter leaders.

“Fox News will be taken over and turned into a family refugee shelter,” the post reads. “We’re turning [Sean] Hannity’s office into a giant unisex bathroom with changing tables & free tampons. And every single time a Trumpster complains about any of the changes, we’re adding an openly gay character to a Disney movie.”

The founder of Mötley Crüe has continued to be very vocal about his opinion of Trump.