Countries in the northern hemisphere will be treated to the first day of Summer, and the longest day of their years. The Summer Solstice is a very prominent and spiritually significant day for certain cultures, and it’s also just pretty to watch in certain areas of the world.

The mysterious Stonehenge in England is the grounds for solstice celebrations every year, and the first one for years after COVID-19 quarantines occurred this morning.

With druidic and pagan cultures dotting the whole United Kingdom, plenty of areas besides Stonehenge have excellent solstice views in these countries. Another incredible one was shared by Mark Rees, who showed off an old Welsh burial sight that only lets light from the sun shine through on solstice day.

The summer solstice is also celebrated in Sweden where it is known as Midsummer, which is celebrated through heavy drinking and also known as a time to celebrate fertility. Film review site Letterboxd made a humorous reference to the recent horror movie Midsommar by Ari Aster in a celebratory summer solstice post featuring Florence Pugh in costume on the films set with sunglasses.

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