Summer Phoenix, 38, has filed for divorce from husband of 10 years Casey Affleck, 41.


Phoenix, the younger sister of Joaquin Phoenix, started dating Affleck in 2000 through her brother. Joaquin and Affleck worked on To Die For together in 1995 and then I’m Still Here in 2010. The couple wed in 2006 and announced their separation in 2016. At the time, a rep said the pair “have amicably separated” and “remain very close friends.”

Phoenix is asking for joint legal and physical custody of their two children, Indiana, 12, and Atticus, 9. The estranged couple was last seen together at a public event in 2014.

In 2006, Phoenix called Affleck “the most generous guy I have ever met.” When he proposed in 2003, she described the ring and her reaction. “I’ve never had a diamond before, and now I’ve got a diamond surrounded by other diamonds and diamonds in places where, frankly, you don’t need diamonds at all, and I would have been happy with a piece of twine,” she said. “So, yes, of course I said, yes.”

Now the pair has called for divorce, just nine months following Casey’s brother Ben Affleck‘s separation from wife-of-10-years Jennifer Garner.

Casey won the Oscar for Best Actor for his work on Manchester by the Sea this past year. He has also been called out and tried for sexual harassment by multiple women he’s worked with on set. There has been no official comment given by either party that this is the reason for the separation and/or divorce.