Lead singer of Smash Mouth Steve Harwell has stopped performing due to heart issues.

Harwell hasn’t been feeling well and is taking the break to deal with his cardiomyopathy and heart failure condition. Harwell was diagnosed with cardiomyopathy in 2015.


Cardiomyopathy is is a form of heart disease that weakens the heart muscle and makes it difficult for blood to pump and circulate the body. Harwell has been able to control his affliction with medication.

The condition had affected his ability to perform before. In 2016, he collapsed on stage mid-performance and was taken away in an ambulance. A year later, Harwell was back in the hospital after experiencing difficulty breathing at a soundcheck for a concert happening a few hours later.

While Harwell has been resting, the band has continued to perform without their lead singer. The band had added a substitute singer to previous shows, and fans were confused about what happened to Harwell. Some started to believe the singer was kicked out of the band. After a fan asked the band if Harwell was fired on Twitter, Smash Mouth replied, “Nobody got fired but anytime you wanna come to sing ‘All Star’ with us we’re down.”

Harwell’s management has made it clear Harwell’s health is the number one priority. “Whenever he is not feeling great we take precautionary measures just to make sure everything is ok, especially while he is on the road touring.”

As long as Harwell’s condition is under control, he is expected to join his band again and continue their tour.

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