Saturday Night Live comically addressed the ongoing sexual harassment allegations against powerful men in a sketch titled “Welcome to Hell.”


Host Saoirse Ronan and cast members Cecily StrongKate McKinnonAidy BryantLeslie Jones, and Melissa Villaseñor created a colorful music video for the comedy show. They start by addressing men and their discomfort with the multitude of allegations of sexual harassment. Then they inform them that this isn’t new and invite them into the world that women have been living for centuries.

“All these big, powerful, cool guys are turning out to be… what’s the word? Habitual predators,” Bryant says. “Cat’s out of the bag! Women get harassed all the time,” adds McKinnon with a smile. Then Ronan hits home with, “Here’s a little secret that every girl knows…”

“This been the damn world,” Strong says, before they start singing. “This ain’t a girl group, we just travel in a pack for safety,” jokes Bryant between verses. “Welcome to hell / Now you’re in our boat / Look at that guy, what is he up to in that trench coat?” they sing.

In song, they address how men question why women don’t come forward sooner. “Well dang double daddy, we definitely did. For hundreds of years,” Ronan answers to the backdrop of a 17th century woman being burned and saying, “aw man.”

Jones makes her entrance to tell the other woman that “it’s like a million times worse for a woman of color.” They all agree and continue with their song, pointing out the many things that have been ruined for women because of the likelihood of a man sexually assaulting them.

“Parking, and walking, and Uber and ponytails, bathrobes, and nighttime, and drinking, and hotels, and vans,” they sing. “Welcome to hell! This isn’t new.”

Watch the full video below.

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