Ryan Reynolds was the guest on Conan O’Brien‘s talk show last night, going over all his latest projects with the comedian.


While all were extremely silly, Conan had seemingly no interest in the first few. Reynolds started with underpants made out of very thinly sliced ham, followed by a “documentary about dolphins and how to stop them” called Build a Sea Wall. In a jab at Donald Trump‘s proposed immigration policies, Reynolds describes how “dolphins are the single greatest threat to our borders. They’re coming in by the thousands, they’ve been all over the country, ask anyone.”

The next few ideas are a new parenting book called Ten Easy Steps to Lower Your Child’s Self-Esteem, Reynolds Wrap (“I have no affiliation, it’s just a damn good product”), his recent sex tape “between me and the cast of Fox & Friends tentatively titled Can You Guess Where My Thumb Is?,” a children’s sing-a-long album about Civil War wounds, and finally, “a clip from my new film The Notebook 2 starring Ryan Reynolds and Conan McAdams.”

“Ok, uh, I don’t recall being involved in anything like this,” Conan says quizzically.


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“Well, remember that vacation we that took in Tijuana a couple years ago and we split that bottle of Absinthe?” responds Reynolds. “We fell in love and I filmed it.”

The next thing we see is a clip of a bearded Reynolds standing across from Conan wearing a dress in the pouring rain. They reenact the famous seen from The Notebook between Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams and end with a long passionate touchy kiss between the actors.

“It’s starting to come back to me now,” jests Conan after it plays.

See it below.

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