In the upcoming sympathetic documentary Roseanne: Kicked Out Of Hollywood, the embattled comedian Roseanne Barr discusses the racist tweet that got her fired from the upcoming reboot of her classic 90s sitcom Roseanne, later retooled as The Conners without her. The full documentary will be viewable on Reelz.

Barr referred to the response to her tweet as a “Witch-burning,” as well as “arrogance and ignorance.” She claimed both that her tweet, which said in regard to former Obama White House advisor Valerie Jarrett, the “Muslim brotherhood and planet of the apes had a baby,” was well-intentioned and misinterpreted, and that she only tweeted it because she was on the drug Ambien.

“I did something I wouldn’t do if I hadn’t been on that Ambien. It makes you do a lot of crazy s––t,” Barr said. She also added that the statements made renouncing her comments by former Roseanne castmates were not genuine, but it was just “politically expedient for them to s––t on my name.” She alleged they moved to bash her just in retaliation for her support of Donald Trump.

“I’m a bad girl, I’m too rock ‘n’ roll, I’m gonna say f––k it and f––k you until I take my last breath,” Barr says in the sign-off line for this trailer supplied by Reelz, which you can watch below. Other comedians shown in the documentary supporting Barr include Mo’Nique and Howie Mandel.

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