The Real Housewives of New York City season ended last night and the ladies said goodbye to Mexico.


Their trip seemed blissful and fun, but that all went away just in time for a dramatic finale episode. Carole seems clearly against Bethenny, and gets pretty derisive of her. Bethenny feels it to, and refers to her as Tinsley’s bestie. Carole and Bethenny still gossip about Tinsley’s new man. They’ve only been on a few dates, but Tinsley is already talking about marriage.

A weird flashback sort of feeling comes over the show when Luann starts talking about how much she loves her husband Tom, when in reality, we know that they are calling it quits. This episode was filmed before that decision was made, however. “I was on a mission to make this work and I did,” she says of her now failed marriage.

It appears Luann and Tinsley are on the same page, that the marriage itself is worth more than the quality of the marriage, and that perhaps appearing happy is more important to them than actually being happy.

We head over to Sonja’s place, where Ramona has come to check out the redecorating job. Sonja admits she hadn’t wanted to change anything in the house until her daughter was “stable,” but then “sexy Frenchie” came along, so she just went with it. She even admits she missed Tinsley when she moved out, but then goes back to her usual bashing self and trash-talks Tinsley’s apparent lack of gratitude. Sonja says she isn’t excited for the party Tin is throwing her, and Ramona takes the opportunity to agree.

Then we take a trip over to Bethenny’s house, where an NHL player is visiting. She seems over wanting to hide her wealth from the less wealthy ladies on the show, and starts doing cartwheels in her huge apartment. Living space is a big component of this episode, as Tinsley also takes us to where she is currently living, in a hotel. Carole and her boyfriend Adam are overly impressed.

Next up we go to Tinsley’s thank you party for Sonja, complete with Sonja-tinis, a tiered cake, and t-shirts that say ‘Thank you, Sonja’ on the front and ‘XOXO Tinsley’ on the back. Ramona gets busy badmouthing Tinsley to the other guests, and Luann’s (soon-to-be-ex) husband Tom takes his mic off so his flirting with other women doesn’t end up on the show.

Sonja shows up late to the party, blaming in on her French boyfriend’s libido. Sonja decides she refuses to interact with Tinsley anymore because she’s just had it with her. Eventually though those Sonja-tinis kick in, and she is crying and dancing up a storm. And she finds reason to love Tinsley again when she gifts her a $5,000 gift card to Berdorf’s. And the season ends on that note, with the ladies dancing and drinking at Tinsley’s Sonja-themed party.

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